Rapier Computers is an Information Technology and Recruitment Services company set up in 1994. It is small and agile and able to tailor its approach because it is highly customer-centric.
It provides consultancy and development of solutions in the following main areas of activity:
Information Assurance and Security
Cyber Threat Analysis
Risk Management and Mitigation
It delivers immediate business analysis and risk management strategy, consultancy and input into public sector bidding, compliance and implementation of HMG standards, policies and procedures. Rapier adds value to its clients by bringing extensive knowledge of technologies from the Telecommunication, Banking, Energy and Public Sectors helping customers to formulate strategies based on risk analyses of specific projects or scenarios or of the entire company.
It also offers Web Development services and solutions involving small scale database development and web interactions.
Rapier also provides specialist SAP Recruitment Services closely affiliated to the German market.
Rapier does not share any information it requests with any other party unless it is strictly on a need to know basis and relevant for the communication.